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Make Government Work for You

Public Safety


Public Safety:


For the first time in a decade, we’ve given our policemen and fire fighters a pay raise so that we can retain our best officers. We’ve used money seized from drug raids to buy body cameras and other equipment for our police force. And we now have more jail cells so that violent criminals are not out on the street awaiting trial. Also, we’ve demolished more than 100 abandoned buildings throughout Meridian and installed new lighting in parks and along streets to improve safety.

Making City Hall Work for You:

A $7.5 million street and sidewalk repair project is almost complete, all without a property tax increase. And we’re stretching your tax dollars by completing this work with city employees and city equipment rather than expensive outside contractors.




Over the last four years the graduation rate in our public schools has risen by 10%. And we’ve made sure that the new MS Arts and Entertainment Experience will also serve our talented young students with hands on educational programs.



More people are working now and the revitalization in Meridian continues —the MS Arts and Entertainment Experience and the Threefoot Marriott Hotel will bring more visitors and spending to our city.


Some highlights of the Bland Administration include:

  • Threefoot Building to be Restored

  • New Hotels and Restaurants

  • Fighting for funds to ensure funding for Homeless

  • Two Successful Job Fairs in partnership with Governor’s Job Fair Network

  • Public Transportation restored through an agreement with the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians  

  • U. S. Department of Transportation approves American Eagle Air Carrier for Meridian Regional Airport.

  • Governor approved $600K matching grant to construct the Velma Young Community Center

  • Seven state grants totaling $444,000 for the Meridian-Lauderdale County Public Safety Training Facility.  The facility trained over 1600 homeland security students in 2014. 

  • Two Police sub-stations added a part of  Crime prevention initiatives

  • Gang Task Force Established

  • First marker of 18 Marker Civil Rights Trail is unveiled during Freedom Summer Observation Week.  This trail marker was placed at the intersection of 25th Street and 5th Street and provides information about the African American Business District

  • Officer Next Door Program -In cooperation with the Meridian Housing Authority, Meridian Police Officers are offered housing in some housing developments.

  • Livable Wage Increase which brings city employees making less than $9 per hour up to that rate.

  • Civil Service Blue Ribbon Committee established as a result of Mayor’s Challenge of Civil Service testing and hiring procedures.